At Picket Fence Imports we pride ourselves on being one of the very few suppliers that has a firm philosophy on reusing & re-purposing old pieces & bringing them back to life. All our products are salvaged from old factories & farms which have been stored away for up to 100 years just waiting to be lovingly restored & then shipped off to a good home. We hope you enjoy our pre-loved products as much as we do!
  • AGHA Sydney Gift Fair Stand 3E17 - February 23rd - 26th 2019

    We will be exhibiting at the Sydney Gift Fair - Sydney Showground, Olympic Park. We will be in the Exhibition Hall near the Food Trucks (YUM!!) - Stand 3E17 so mark this in your Virtual Diaries & we will see you there! x  

    We are forever being asked - Who are we? The answer is simple! We are a husband & wife team working from a rural property in NW Sydney. All our products are original or handmade by us using re-cycled materials. We exhibit twice a year at the Home & Giving Fair - Sydney Showgrounds (February) & this year we will be at the MCEC in (August) where you can view our unique products so please pop by & say 'Hi'! 

    These Lollipop Soda Crates from the 1960's make excellent display units for your wall or store merchandising! They are very unique & limited in supply. Due to their authencicity they vary from crate to crate & show pre loved scuff & wear 'n tear marks! We use them as a wall unit display piece or look fabulous with tiny succulents as they are divided into 1/4's and the sections can be removed to form one open display unit.

    Did you realise at Picket Fence Imports we also do custom orders for handmade products using re-cyled timbers all salvaged from old houses, factories & farms? These include farmhouse style tables, framing & display ladders. We also manufacture products for the Resturant & Cafe industry. Please contact us if you have any special requirements, no job too big or too small!

    We have an extensive range of Original Shoe Lasts in sizes Adult, Child & Baby. These relics are from the New England region of the USA & the UK. They are becoming extremely hard to find.

    At Picket Fence Imports we are known for our vast range of Bobbins & Spools. These industrial Relics are from a by-gone era & dissapearing quickly. Our range varies depending on what can be sourced. You won't find these original products anywhere else!

    We always look forward to bringing you some original crates. They are always one of our most popular items and bring a vintage flavour to any space. These crates make a fabulous storage unit & are hugely popular in the Floristry, Lifestyle & Food Providore industry.                                                                                                                     

    Back in the good old days when Soda or Soft Drink as we know it came in heavy glass bottles with quirky names these 1950's original bottles are a real talking point. We have lots of different sizes, shapes & styles! Happy Days!

    Remember the days when the Milkman came shuffling up to the front door clinking his glass milk bottles? We have some beautiful quarts in stock & these are from an era when glass was used & recycled again & again! Mmmmmmm is for MILK!

    From time to time we are lucky to get some unique pieces! Some are posted on our FROM THE ATTIC page & some scattered throughout our site. Check back regularly to see what's new........or should we say old!

    These little Antique Bottles are becoming increasingly rare! Please contact us for more information.

    On our 'From The Attic' page we have one off pieces we have collected over the years. They are from our personal collection. Please note we have marked each item individually as they are SOLD so check carefully before placing the order. Once gone......that's it!

    As the saying goes - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! At Picket Fence Imports we are very active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & also have a Blog which we update from time to time! Check us out & join the Social Media ride! #picketfenceimports & @picketfenceimports
  • SALE

    Are you looking for a bulk buy & save on our Vintage products? If you are a Cafe or Foodie this is where we will be regularly putting stock on at a heavily discounted rate! Keep checking back every now & then for a bargain or two!
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Our mik bottles and mason jars are some of our most beautiful and sought after products.

We have an array of large and miniature milk bottles which are often used for adding that special touch to weddings, shop display's and cafe's, or simply around the home. The milk bottles are from the Midwest part of the US generally. Bottles before the 1930s were a round shaped bottle. In the 1940s, a square squat bottle become the more popular style. Milk bottles since the 1930s have used pyroglaze or ACL (Applied Colour Label) to identify the bottles. Before the 1930s, names were embossed using a slug plate. The name was debossed on the slug plate, then the plate was inserted into the mould used to make the bottle - the result was the embossed name on the bottle. By the 1960s glass bottles were replaced with paper cartons.

Our mason jars circa. 1880 - 1930 and come in two colours; clear or green glass. There are two main styles, Ball and Atlas canning jars, which come in both pint and quart size.

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Bottles and Glassware

Vintage Science Flasks

Vintage Science Flasks Circa 1960's

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Soda Caps 1950's

Original Soda Caps, cork lined from the...

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Set of 4 Antique Bottles

Set of 4 Antique Bottles. Circa 1900

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Dr William's Pink Pills For Pale People

Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People!...

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