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Terms of service


All prices quoted on the site are exclusive of GST (Tax) unless stated otherwise. GST will be applied to the total order, including freight, at the time of invoice.

All prices quoted on the site are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notification.

All first orders placed with us will be invoiced on a pro-forma basis and shall have a minimum value of $150.00.

All sizes quoted on the site are approximate.

All orders must be in the quantities (or multiples of the minimum order quantities) stated.

All items shown on picketfenceimports.com.au are subject to availability. Whilst every effort is made to ensure sufficient stock is held, picketfenceimports.com.au cannot be held responsible for any items that run out or are discontinued while displayed online.

Delivery & Shipping

All orders are shipped within Australia with either Bluestar Logistics or Australia Post, depending on the destination and/or bulk of the carton.

Freight and handling charges apply to all orders with a minimum charge of $10.50 per parcel.

We are happy to receive orders from overseas, however, shipping costs will be quoted on a single order basis once the order has been placed.


Payment methods:-
Cheque – Made payable to ‘Picket Fence Imports’
Credit Card - Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa
Direct Deposit – Contact Office for details.

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